Nice to meet you!

I'm Josephine Le. Digital UX + product designer. Aspiring illustrator.
Born, raised, and currently based in coffee-loving Seattle.
More than just pushing pixels, I love to design for people.
I believe design is an opportunity to forge community, advocate for social good, and create positive impact in the world.

Currently at Microsoft. Previously at Tableau, WillowTree, and the University of Washington. I graduated in August 2018, with a degree in Human-Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE).
See my resume here.
I care about...
social good
diversity and inclusion
cultural heritage
I’ve done research on...
robotic pets
STEM + design education
affect (emotion) in text
intersectional theory
co-learning spaces
data visualization
I recently indulged in...
99% Invisible podcasts
Vietnamese food
a Nintendo Switch
jasmine oolong tea
new books
a dual monitor setup
Some past leadership & design work recognitions...
Founder @UW Design, Experience, Product Club
VP of Public Relations @UW Society of Women Engineers
Graphics Director @UW Society of Women Engineers
Events Coordinator @Voyage UW
Volunteer @Progressive Animals Welfare Society

Yesler Central - Excellence in Design @HCDE Capstone 2018
Spectrum - Best OS Design @Mobile Design (class)
Capture Joy (currently not featured) - Best Redesign @Pixel Project