Pinterest's Tried It

Redesigning Pinterest's "Tried It" for greater discoverability and use

Pinterest's "Tried It" feature allows users to keep track of ideas they found on Pinterest.

As a personal design challenge, I wanted to redesign a feature of a popular app. The app I chose was Pinterest, a mobile app that is often used to save photos, media, and ideas for personal use and interests.

UX Redesign
User Research

Jan 2017 (1 week)



I use Pinterest fairly often, so I feel that I was comfortable enough with the product to be able to navigate and consider its features. In particular, I wanted to study and redesign Pinterest's "Tried It" feature.

The Tried It feature allows users to keep track of ideas they found on Pinterest. Users can mark Pins as they try them, explore Pins where others have tried the idea, and access everything they have tried in the past.


User Research

I conducted 7 interviews (in-person and phone), in which I asked participants about their Pinterest usage and familiarity. From the interviews, I extracted some common themes surrounding Tried It.


Low familiarity with Tried It
None of the participants had ever heard of the feature.
Despite low familiarity, all participants had a correct assumption of what the Tried It feature does without having used the feature before.

Not knowing what happens to Tried pins
Although users understand the gist of "Tried It," they didn't know what happens to pins after being marked as Tried. They didn't know where to access their Tried pins.

Mobile majority
Almost every participant stated that they prefer using Pinterest through their phone over other means. I narrowed the scope of my redesign to Pinterest's mobile platform.

How might we redesign the Tried It feature to be more discoverable across Pinterest's mobile app?


Design Recommendations

With my research findings, I suggested ways that the “Tried It” feature could be redesigned to be more readily discoverable for users.

Increase visual prominence
Due to low familiarity, users don’t know where the features are located on Pinterest. The features are not hidden, but they don’t make themselves known to the user.

Modify tried marking on pins

Users expect that marking a pin as tried will also visually distinguish it from other pins. Pinterest does mark tried pins already, but the visual marking is a bit too subtle.

Create board view of tried pins
Marking a pin as tried creates a section titled “Tried” in a user’s profile, but the section is not an actual viewable board. The proposed board view gives users another option for viewing their previously tried pins.

Filter search for popular tried pins
Similar to reading online reviews of products – allow the user to explore pins that have a high success rate of execution by other users.

Restructure “About this Pin” module to prioritize Tried It
“About this Pin” is reached by tapping on the Tried It feature on individual pins. The module contains other boards where the particular Pin is saved. Instead, the module should prioritize content from notes and reviews left by users that tried the pin.



I started sketching out my vision for each design recommendation. For each recommendation, I sketched the current layout on the Pinterest mobile platform against my proposed suggestions for comparison.


1. Increase visual prominence
3. Create board view of tried pins
5. Restructure “About this Pin” to prioritize Tried It
2. Modify tried marking on pins
4. Filter search for popular tried pins


Pinterest's Tried It Redesign

Taking my earlier sketches, I finalized the designs and made higher fidelity mockups to show how my recommendations would manifest in the real Pinterest mobile app.

High Fidelity Designs

Tried It on Pins

Recommendation 1: Increase visual prominence


Tried It too low on pin page


Tried It moved to top of pin page

New Mark on Pins

Recommendation 2: Modify tried marking on pins



Markings are more visible on images
Markings blend in with images

List and Board View

Recommendation 3: Create board view of tried pins



Toggle between list/board and preferences
Only list view on profile

Search for Tried Pins

Recommendation 4: Filter search for tried pins



Filter and browse by user ratings
No way to filter for tried pins

List and Board View

Recommendation 5: Restructure “About this Pin” to prioritize Tried It



Prioritizes Tried It and filter by category
Shows comments and boards saved to



This was my first personal redesign/case study! Here were some takeaways I had.

Respect the brand–it exists for a reason.
A lot goes into enforcing a brand across an entire platform. I liked that I had an existing brand to work off of, and it helped me gain a deeper appreciation for branding.

Be proactive with user research efforts
Since this was a personal project, I planned and carried out everything on my own.

Tools are temporary, but skills are forever
This was my first time using an interface design tool (Figma). The skills I learned in this process naturally led me to discover and pick up other design and prototyping tools.

Something I would do differently next time is that I would keep up with the feature over time to see how it changes and adapt my redesign. I would also make interactive prototypes and test with people to inform a potential future iteration.